Never Miss Another Call!

Lower Costs and Increase Productivity with...


Does your current phone system...

  • Have Interactive Heads Up Displays (HUD)
  • Unlimited IVRs (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Unlimited Auto-Attendants
  • Unlimited Call Queues
  • Silent Monitoring / Call Barge In
  • Call Recording
  • Integrated Conference Bridges
  • Find Me – Follow Me
  • Boomerang Mobile Integration
  • Voice mail to e-mail
  • Remote phones for telecommuting / home agents
  • Free Location to Location Calling
  • Skills Based Call Routing
  • Direct Dial Numbers
  • Name Directories
  • Web Based Displays
  • Paging / Zone Paging
  • Intercom / Zone Intercom
  • Customer Automated Appointment Reminder Calling
  • Customer Automated Sales Announcement / Tickler Calling
  • And Much Much More?
Receptionists Love IP PBX Systems
Receptionists Love IP PBX Systems


  • Outbound long distance and inbound toll-free rates as low as 2.5 cents per minute
  • Bulk calling rates as low as 1.5 cents per minute

Premise Based Systems

  • Ability to connect your existing phone lines to our advanced phone system
  • Least cost routing via PSTN for local calls
  • IP gateway for incoming toll-free and outbound long distance
  • Can be fully linked with other locations for free calling between locations
  • Ideal for locations with 50 or more extensions

Hosted Systems

  • Located at our secure data center with multiple power and Internet backup systems
  • No need to employ IT staff to maintain and service equipment
  • Multiple locations can be hosted on the same server for maximum savings and integration
  • Ideal for companies with multiple small locations

Advanced Applications

  • Appointment reminder systems mean better productivity and higher sales
  • Customer sales announcement / tickler system means higher sales and happier customers
  • Reverse 911 systems notify groups by phone, text and email in event of emergency
  • Bulk calling can notify of school, business and group cancellations and delays
  • Notify customers of service issues before they contact you
  • Allow pay-by-phone and order by phone
  • Upload call lists from file or database / spreadsheet applications
  • Web-based controls allow remote access
  • Other custom applications available

IP Trunking

  • Allows interconnection to existing phones / key systems
  • Least cost routing options
  • Free calling between locations
  • Low cost long distance and toll-free rates
  • No per-trunk / per line fee

Find Me – Follow Me

  • Never miss another call
  • Use Find Me – Follow Me to make it easy for people to find you whether you are at work, home or on the road
  • Simple rules determine “who” can find you and “when” you can be found
  • Set rules based upon your status in HUD
  • Actions include: call my extension, call other extension, call my mobile, call external number, enable call screening, disable call screening, forward to my voice mail, forward to other voice mail, notify caller I'm being located and overwrite caller ID name
  • Forwarding to cell can include “press to accept” prompt
  • From cell phone you can transfer call back to your phone or any extension with or without announcement
  • From cell phone, you can still record calls
  • Create “white list” of who can find you based upon external number or extension
  • Set sequential or simultaneous instructions and duration


  • HUD (Heads Up Display) is Your new operator
  • HUD is an employee presence and communication management application
  • One touch control over the phone system
  • Real time visibility of any employee status including remote location or home based employees
  • Easy access to people using HUD
  • HUD shows you who is on the phone and lets you drag calls to their extensions, voice mails or cellphones
  • Typical PBX or Key System phone features are difficult to learn, but HUD makes it easy
  • When your phone rings, a pop-up will give you the caller-id and name of the caller
  • Is integrated into Outlook to the point that your pop-up display will get the name of an incoming caller from Outlook
  • You can place a call just by clicking on an e-mail
  • Makes employees more productive by allowing employees to find contacts, view a contacts on-network status, and initiate communications – all with a single click from any HUD enabled device
  • Enables effective communication via phone calls, chat sessions and e-mails
  • In the past, deploying distributed inbound and outbound call centers
HUD Interactive Display
was expensive, but not anymore! With HUD, sales and customer service agents can easily log into and out of queues, monitor call states, park calls, and record call – all on the fly – even for home based agents / employees
  • Helps managers track and train employees by providing powerful one-click tools to monitor, train, and barge agent calls
  • The private enterprise-chat feature allows managers to guide agents in real-time
  • Facilitates professional interaction with customers
  • Comprehensive integration with Web-based CRM systems, such as SugarCRM and, ensures that employees have the
tools they need
  • HUD can also direct screen-pops to any Web-based application
  • The enterprise chat feature allows easy communications between employees even during phone calls
  • During a conversation, you can drag a call to your cell-phone or voice-mail to have the caller leave you a message
  • Log into and out of queues
  • Log into your “Web user portal” easily to check voice mail, adjust voice mail settings, adjust Find Me – Follow Me settings, see reports, company directories and call logs
  • Easily adjust the layout setting to suit your taste and style
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