About Bulk Calling

We believe that a phone call is still one of, if not the best means of reaching someone. Bulk calling may be done for many reasons including telemarketing. The federal government does not charge for local telemarketing access to the National Do Not Call List (up to five area codes). Abiding by the wishes of those on the do not call list is a good business practice and will protect our clients from litigation. In as much as we will download the do not call list and remove any numbers in your list that are on the do not call list, we expect you to be honest with us about the type of calling you are making. Below are some of the other types of bulk calling we perform.

  • Organizational announcements
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Call assurrance calls (RUOK)
  • Political Message Delivery
  • Non-profit fund raising
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Medication Reminder Service
  • Reminders for pet owners that their pet is due for some medication or treatment such as heartworm, flea and tick, booster shots etc.
  • Reminders from service agencies that your vehicle is due for some service or inspection such as tire rotation, oil change, brake inspection etc.
  • Reminders to patients that they are due for some test or procedure such as a physical, mammogram, pap-smear, tooth cleaning etc.
  • Repeat business campaigns such as "loyal customer discounts," "insider sales," special store hours, or even chances to reserve or pre-order some hot new item!
  • And, of course, gaining new business through targeted telemarketing.

Of the entire list above, only the last one is restricted by the do not call list registry! So you see, bulk calling is still a vital part of your business! For example, you may have sold your customer a new car, but are you getting them back in for scheduled services? Do your customers know when you have service or upgrade sales? How much follow up profit are you missing? Isn't it time you started maximizing the profit from and service to your customers?

Our core philosophy is that bulk calling is not evil; it is good and good business!